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We knew we needed one backpack for a variety of uses, as it would be the way we carried all our gear. It needed to be super durable and able to withstand all kinds of weather. It needed to be big and able to carry a lot of weight, everything from first aid and repair kits, to clothes, food and stoves. Comfort and weight distribution were also top priorities, especially while hiking to put-ins. But most importantly, we needed a dry pack that would remain completely dry on the inside for the entire trip.

We decided to go big with the 115L Boundary Dry Pack made by SealLine. For over a month, these packs were an extension of ourselves. We paddled five rivers and dropped 30 waterfalls down a sacred Mayan river with these dry packs. The Boundary packs carried our inflatable boats, tents, sleeping bags, helmets, safety gear, and everything we needed for a month. We didn’t just need a backpack, we needed the right piece of gear to get through whitewater adventures in Mexico. The Boundary Dry Pack carried our boat from one city to the next, and ensured we had dry socks and clothes after a day on the river.

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