Platypus Siouxion: WHAT’S IN MY PACK?

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Emily Slaco is a Pemberton-based rider, guide, skier, and all-around fantastic person. We asked her to show what she carries in her W’s Siouxon Pack when she rides.

I’ll often pull something out of my pack trailside and immediately get asked, “What else you got in there?” along with some inquisitive looks. To be honest, I carry a fair amount of stuff but there are a few things that I bring along on every ride which have saved not only myself but many clients of mine from a long walk out in the woods. So here it is: a few of the bits and bobs to be found in my Platypus Siouxion pack.

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The Basics

I like to be prepared… chock it up to the guide in me, but I’m either going out for a ride with my whole pack or I’m doing a quick backyard lap with a buddy and I’m not carrying much other than my cell phone. My Siouxion 10L pack is a great size for most all of my rides. In the Siouxon, I carry these basics pretty much all the time and they fit easily in the multiple compartments and pouches of my pack without overstuffing it. Basic bike tools are shown clockwise from the top; One Up Components pump, shock pump, tire pressure gauge, extra brake pads, master links, patch kit, valve core remover & valve stem, derailleur hanger, lube, zap straps, tire levers, seat post collar, chain break, tube, duct tape, sunscreen, pliers, shifter cable, electrical tape, emergency shot blocks & my trusty Adventure Medical Kit.

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